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“Anagenesis” purpose was, and still is, the bringing together and uniting of all Epirotans, the mutual support of its members, the preservation and promotion of the Greek cultural traditions, the Greek language and the Greek-Orthodox religion and the support in every legal way in the struggle for the liberation of N. Epirus and other enslaved Greeks.

The great Epirotan, late Patriarch of Constantinople Athenagoras I, was one of the founding members of the organization, and remained until his death, a strong supporter and spiritual guide of our organization.

From 1934 and onwards, the organization -run by exceptional Epirotans, who were inspired by their love for motherland Greece, and adopted country America- grew, progressed and developed a great activity. It supported all national issues, especially in N. Epirus and Cyprus. It was always ready and among the first to participate and provide all possible assistance to anything important to the Diaspora. We can say, without exaggeration, that “ANAGENESIS” today is among the best two to three Hellenic organizations of the New York area from across the Diaspora.

The new generation of Epirotans, our Youth, is the focus of our organization and its programs. There is always an organized youth section with its own administration. “Anagenesis,” every year gives a prize to children of its members who were admitted as first-year college students.

There is no doubt that the Society will continue to grow and innovate. Epirotans love their Society very much, because the organization has always operated with a strong and solid foundation. Epirotans are characterized by their neatness, wisdom, harmony, cooperation and love, and the same are applied to the organization’s principles. There is always respect to the Constitution and the administration as well as among the members. In “Anagenesis” the tendency, or rather the quest for fundraising, has never prevailed. The organization’s priority has always been to provide the best possible service to its members and their needs.

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